Jan. 5th, 2017

The New Dog )

I am pleased to announce that all my holiday packages have now been mailed, and since it isn't even Christmas yet if you're Eastern Orthodox, I am declaring that I got it all done on time! I mailed my last two holiday cards on Wednesday too -- one to my in-laws, one to a friend -- in both cases I have been in the presence of their intended recipients twice since I put the cards in envelopes, but forgot to give them the cards while we were together.

Otherwise, it was not a memorable day. Paul and I did a couple of chores besides the post office, Maddy and I ran out to the food store before dinner because we were out of Parmesan and it was national spaghetti day, we watched the return of Blindspot (WAY too violent) and two Nova episodes about death (not the best for my mood). But I did take a long walk and my Pokemon Go Plus works! From Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens last month:

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