Nov. 10th, 2007

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Younger son had a half-day of school, so I didn't accomplish a huge amount Friday, particularly since his best friend came home with him and stayed all afternoon while the friend's mother took her infant to the doctor. Wrote a review of "The Schizoid Man", discovered that if I needed yet another reason not to see the upcoming Star Trek reboot, Winona Ryder as Amanda is giving me one, fretted about the California oil spill, scowled that it was raining when I wanted to try to see the comet though this area needs the rain so I didn't scowl all that much.

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Weekend plans depend a lot upon the weather!
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  • 10:25 One, two, three, and four weeks of nothing more since you've been here. I can't move on, there's something wrong when people disappear. #
  • 21:50 Home from dinner with parents. Had spectacularly uninspired day! #
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