Aug. 22nd, 2007

Cri de coeur )

My children and I braved Staples for school supplies. The line was even longer than last year, though it moved somewhat more quickly than I was expecting...I got in line and sent each boy with his list to find what he needed, and I was at the cashier before Daniel finally tracked down dividers he deemed acceptable (he wanted black ones, not beige ones with rainbow tabs...I do not know what to make of this). We also stopped at Best Buy, where I discovered to my delight that both seasons of Dark Angel are on sale for $15.99, and since I had a gift certificate I now own the entire run of the show for almost nothing. Yay! The new Erin Hunter book came out today and I had planned to go get that for Adam, but he was fed up with shopping and very nearly threw a tantrum when I pointed out that we still needed to stop and get a 9 volt battery for the fire alarm so we didn't all end up dead, so we skipped the bookstore for another day.

Wrote a rather funny article about a health care company that thinks it's a good thing if they promise you the redshirt treatment, and tried to find news about Colm Meaney being cast in the US version of Life on Mars -- I love Meaney, but with two Irish actors in the lead roles, why don't they just show the BBC version on ABC? Spent the evening watching Branagh's As You Like It on HBO, which was well acted and visually interesting but full of the anachronisms you'd expect setting the play in 19th century Japan, which makes the setting pretty gimmicky -- it looks like an English fantasy of an Asian forest rather than an actual Asian forest. I like Bryce Dallas Howard but she's not remotely convincing as a boy -- even less than Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare In Love -- and Kevin Kline is rather wasted as Jaques, who despite getting to deliver the "All the world's a stage" soliloquy doesn't really let Kline show his range. Still, worth seeing, if only because it's hard to ruin that play with a halfway decent cast and David Oyelowo is extremely hot as well as a decent Orlando.

County Fair Entertainments )
...shut up, it's been MONTHS since I've done one of these.

So I'm writing up Trek XI news for TrekToday, and IGN has a brief video clip of an interview with Russell Crowe and Christian Bale (sitting veryclosetogether) where the interviewer asks Russell if there's any truth to the rumor that he might be in the new Star Trek movie as the villain, and while Russell says -- looking quite disinterested -- "I haven't read anything yet," Christian pretends to whisper, "Klingon! Klingon!" It's here. (I think they should have Russell AND Christian; he'd be a great Vulcan or Romulan. The movie would be total crack but I won't care and would see it ten times!)


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