May. 12th, 2005

The Pleasures of Fear )

It has been a week of enforced Star Trek nostalgia, as every media outlet on the planet seems to be doing some sort of retrospective on the show. Some of these I write up for TrekToday, some I save for my own amusement and some seem to be exactly the same material recycled...has JMS been passing on anonymous notes for people to crib from? I finally got to that Auberjonois interview that I had put off and put off because it's a freakin' hour and a half, and I cannot write two other articles plus a writeup of a freakin' hour and half audio interview in one day if I want to have any semblance of a life (read: if there are carpools to be driven, etc.) but it ended up being a great pleasure to listen to him talk about babysitting for Alan J. Lerner's kids and starring with Katharine Hepburn in Coco. He is just so cool.

This week's Smallville had some parts I liked very much and some parts that required shouting at the screen, trying to talk the characters out of the inevitable. I am not one of those who has ever been nostalgic for high school from the moment I graduated, so episodes about nostalgia upon graduation from high school rarely move me in any significant way; the closest I ever came to caring was while Joey Potter was giving the commencement address on Dawson's Creek and that was only because Eva Cassidy's version of "Fields of Gold" was playing in the background, referring directly back to the one time before it was played that season during one of those golden evening scenes where the creek is winding like a river of possibility in front of the characters though you already know there's a definite end to their story because the show is so obviously written from the point of view not of teenagers but of adults looking back. But I digress. Smallville. With spoilers. )

If I have nasty noir twists on the brain it is [ profile] perkypaduan's fault, as she came over and we watched An Awfully Big Adventure (being unable to go to Kingdom of Heaven whose earliest show was too late for me to pick up my kids) and then, being in an Alan Rickman Film Festival mood, Galaxy Quest. I figured the latter was perfect preparation to review the Enterprise finale Friday night; I cannot decide whether to try to write serious, analytical criticism or a somewhat whimsical "here are the things the actors are going to get asked at conventions for the next ten years" sort of review. I suppose I must see what sort of mood "These Are the Voyages..." leaves me in.

The producer for the movie Finding Home sent me some photos of Louise Fletcher in that film (which also stars Genevieve Bujold and Justin Henry) for my web site. They're here if anyone wants to see!

Grasmere on the River Rothay. Just because it's pretty and calm.
Murph has all the lyrics from My Hand, My Heart, Russell Crowe's album he wrote with Alan Doyle, posted at her site along with little comments from Russell about the songs (the official album site does not have this up yet, just the lyrics to and story behind "Raewyn"). Although Russell says in this Sunday Telegraph interview that the album features five of the seven TOFOG members ("the ones who care to know what I'm writing about at the moment" -- eep), I can't find a listing for who performs on which song, including the chorus on "Mr. Harris." Has anyone else found that information?

And from the lyrics page I found out that Russell Crowe did not write "I Miss My Mind"; it's actually by expatriate Brit/Canadian Celtic folk singer Paul Hyde, from The Big Book of Sad Songs — Volume 1. You can watch the full video (set in New York City) for the song here and hear his lovely Yorkshire accent, but he doesn't have horns and the melody from Boccherini at the end. *g* Russell's comment on it was, "When I heard the song I always saw it as that moment when you have come through a hard time. Times when the way out of it is to keep your head down and push through." Also, I am laughing my ass off at Russell's apparent identification with Prince Harry in "Worst in the World."

Okay, I'm done squeeing. *g*


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