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By Matsuo Bashō
Translated by Daisaku Ikeda

Many things past are
Brought back to my memory
By cherries in bloom.


I had to get up early for my annual physical and I didn't have breakfast first. Paul came with me to see a doctor in the same complex about what's likely sciatica, though they want to do an MRI to be sure, and afterward we went out for eggs and bagels. Either my allergies are very cranky despite the very heavy rain and thunder or I caught my mother's friend's cold at her party because my sinuses are killing me, so I was dragging the rest of the day.

We took Maddy to both her jobs, caught up on Once Upon a Time, and spent the evening after (faux) chicken hoagies watching Rogue One because we had to make sure the Blu-Ray was all right. It's still my favorite Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back and the ending is less frustrating because I've always known what comes next. Here are more photos of the Kenwood cherry blossoms earlier in the week; I'm betting today's rain took the rest of them down.

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