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Summer 1999 )

Most of my Thursday was unexciting, but I got to have lunch with Karen at Tara Thai, which makes it a good day -- plus I got to walk around Washingtonian Lake and see the geese, cormorants, and the biggest carp I've ever seen. The trees are starting to turn so there was a lot of color. Later we took what turned out to be a long walk around the neighborhood because we got into conversations with several neighbors about everything from contractors to coverage of the 2016 election (which in fairness I only watch on late night comedy shows). The bunnies were busy eating and ignored us.

Heroes Reborn was really good, though I wish there were a more prominent female character, not a villain, neither support for a guy nor in need of aid/rescuing...I want Claire back! Surely they can borrow her from Nashville? And Sleepy Hollow had me squeeing aloud. Ichabbie roommates! Some photos from Seahurst Park in Burien, which is so close to SeaTac Airport that you can get there without having to drive on the highway, meaning there's no way you'll miss your plane even if you go on the morning you're flying out. It's right on Puget Sound and you can see the Olympic Mountains!

On Puget Sound )
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Under the Vulture-Tree )

Wednesday was another gorgeous day! There were bunnies and chipmunks and squirrels out enjoying themselves and I got to have all the windows and doors open. I spent the morning and early afternoon doing unexciting work, then I repaired a pair of earrings with carnelian beads so I could wear them with the carnelian necklace I inherited from my sister. Then Paul and I went out to dinner with Angela and Kevin (the plan was Blaze Pizza but there was an entire high school sports team in line in front of us, so we went to the food court instead)!

Yet again I am giving Arrow a chance, though I must confess to disappointment that my number one reason for watching, John Barrowman, did not appear in this episode even if another special guest star did. Still, it was less manipulative than Nashville, which was particularly Dallas-y this week; only Scarlett's interrupted song in the hospital chapel justified my love. (Hey, we already knew the Cubs were going to win!) When we were at Great Falls last weekend, the buzzards had found something very interesting down in the rocks which we couldn't see:

The Vultures Are Circling )
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When I Heard at the Close of the Day )

Tuesday had even nicer weather than Monday, temperature just reaching 70, gorgeous breeze all afternoon -- even the bunnies appeared to appreciate it, three of them were out munching grass on the cul-de-sac next to mine! Otherwise, it was a fairly ordinary Tuesday. I did some work, and some fun stuff with photos, and since I had to fold laundry and Paul was working from home, we watched San Andreas, which is the most utterly predictable movie in every way -- I'm told the science is bogus but I was laughing harder at the family dynamics -- though indeed it offers spectacular disaster porn, plus Sia's awesome version of "California Dreamin'."

Tuesday looks like it's going to be our big TV-watching night, since it has two holdovers from last year and I'm liking Limitless though surely they could have given the ex-girlfriend more independent life than we got to see in tonight's episode. (Is Bradley Cooper going to end up being the VILLAIN? I didn't see the movie!) The Flash is so much more enjoyable now that Not Telling Iris isn't going to be the central to the plot, though I hope That Recurring Character recurs more often than it would appear. Agents of SHIELD is still all over the place. I figure I better post these Annmarie Gardens ArtsFest photos before any more time goes by:

Artsfest )
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Cabin )

There was a strange yellow glowing ball in the sky on Monday that seemed vaguely familiar, like something I'd once spotted a long time ago. I spent most of the day playing hooky with Cheryl -- trying on her Renfaire garb, eating Indian food, and watching Just Like Heaven (cute, well-acted, definitely not a progressive feminist storyline) and both Princess Diaries movies (ditto but shut up we were in romantic comedy moods and anyway Julie Andrews so your argument is invalid).

We did take a walk to enjoy the sun and see bunnies. It wasn't all that warm, but it felt good anyway. After dinner we watched this week's Minority Report, which I am really loving character-wise so I hope the ratings pick up, and Blindspot, which I like but don't adore (lots of violence and not sure the Big Background Conspiracy will be anything new or interesting). Some more photos from the Play: Tinker, Tech, & Toy exhibit at the Arlington Arts Center, including the crazy food rides and Marty Weishaar's crazy train:

Color and Light )
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Representative Character )

It did not rain on Sunday after the very early morning hours, but that doesn't mean we saw the sun -- it remained fully overcast all day. So after a morning reading the newspaper and getting things organized, we went with my parents to the Arlington Arts Center's Play exhibit, which I thought was really fun and my parents thought was mostly strange (see article). From there, we went to the Folger Shakespeare Library, which had an exhibit on legal history in Shakespeare's era. When we left, we stopped at the flea market at the Eastern Market, which was starting to close for the evening.

Museum, Library, Market )

Having had an early football morning watching the Jets play the Dolphins in London, we listened to football on the way to and from the museums -- miraculously, DC won, probably because we were at the market and couldn't hear or worry about the score. We ended up having dinner with my parents. Then we watched the Cowboys-Saints game around Madam Secretary, which had some fairly cracktastic elements but I am still so glad to have it back on the air, even if it means that Once Upon a Time gets relegated to being watched later in the week, Regina or no Regina.
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A Text in Forgiveness )

I have not seen the sun in too many days -- ironically, since I was in Seattle, given that city's reputation as opposed to this one's -- and it is making me sluggish and cranky. We did get out some today, to Great Falls in the drizzle when the Maryland-Michigan game became even more depressing than the weather (let's just say the Terps did not score any points while the Wolverines did). We saw more vultures than I've ever seen in one place before, though we couldn't figure out what they were eating, and the river was higher than a couple of weeks ago, though not as high as we thought it might be in the rain. At least it wasn't muddy and there were no crowds!

Fall at the Falls )

And we are now caught up on television! To my surprise I really liked the Once Upon a Time season premiere -- oh, Hook and Snow are as annoying as ever, and the Knights of the Round Table made me recite Monty Python, but Nurse Ratched and the Indian made me howl, and there's that lovely Swan Queen moment when Emma gives Regina the blade. As for Masters of Sex, I don't feel sorry for him, everything Libby said about him is true, but Virginia must know she's settling -- she's not afraid of being left, she is the one who gets bored and cheats, she is not looking for a man to make her happy, she knows her ambition is what makes her happy! As for Doctor Who...why do I keep having deja vu?
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( Salmon Suite )

Apparently the winds of Hurricane Joachin are mostly going to pass us by, but we've had so much rain the past two days and are expected to get so much more in the next two that we're still under flood warnings and lots of fall festivals have been canceled around here. So it is probably going to be a mostly indoor weekend -- at least it won't be too difficult to catch up on the TV we missed while in Seattle!

As usual, we are starting the season trying out about 8 shows and will be down to maybe 3 before it's over. On Thursday it was catching up on Doctor Who (love Capaldi but these stories seem so derivative of storylines other people did better), Agents of SHIELD (whyyyy is there still so much Skye whatever her name is there's still too much of her), and Limitless (stealing a Nancy Kress story was a good idea).

It was a very TV-focused day, since I had to finish writing and posting a review of Voyager's not-as-good-as-it-should-have-been "Tattoo" with its mumbo-jumbo Native American spirituality...not the best day for it, since I have trouble staying awake when it's so dark out. I am missing Seattle, which is supposed to be the rainy city but we had gorgeous clear skies! Here are the Lake Washington Ship Canal Chittenden Locks and fish ladder:

Locks and Ladder )
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To the Thawing Wind )

I had loads of work to do on Thursday -- literal loads, as in laundry, and figurative loads, as in work that had to be finished. I accomplished enough that I'm proud of myself, plus I got to skip watching the news. It rained all day and was dark and miserable out, the way I'd been led to believe Seattle would look though Seattle was sunny and gorgeous, which made me sluggish...though that is better than being petrified of Hurricane Joaquin, whose forecast has been lowered from dire to merely scary, with one hysteria-inducing consequence being that the Maryland-Michigan game has been moved from prime time to lunchtime on Saturday (Go Terps! Beat the Wolverines!).

We had dinner with my parents, since they have Friday plans. In new TV season watch, we saw the new episode of Heroes Reborn, which is holding my interest (especially Katana Girl) though not the way the first season of the original did, then we saw the first episode of the new season of Sleepy Hollow, which I am always going to love no matter how silly the supernatural stuff is (and which would have been worth watching just for Colonial Times and the Boston Tea Party Collectible Set). After that, we caught up on Blindspot, the new show I like that is actually likely to survive past midseason! Some of the African and Asian animals from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle:

Fall at the Zoo )
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An Autumn Reverie )

Of course I spent all day Wednesday trying (and failing) to catch up from being out of town! The laundry is only half-done, the luggage is only half-put away, and the cats have only half-forgiven us for leaving them for a few days even though they were fed and told they were pretty cats and good cats the whole time we were away. (And for anyone interested in adopting a kitten, the pair that Heather rescued are now weaned, so please contact me if you can give them a good home!)

We watched X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut, which I enjoyed a lot; even though it's longer, the directing is much more dynamic intercutting between the past and present timelines, so the pacing is more dramatic and Hank has much more to do. We're never going to catch up on all the TV we missed -- should we catch Limitless or Blindspot on demand? -- but we did see this week's Nashville, which is as soapy as ever. From the Star Wars costume exhibit at the EMP Museum:

Nothing But Star Wars )
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We are home after a weather delay that kept us in the air more than an hour extra and some bouncing around up there! It was a nice day earlier though -- we checked out early so we could go to the beach at Seahurst Park on Puget Sound, where we saw lots of seabirds and found the first intact sand dollars I've ever collected in the wild, then had bagels at the airport in view of Mount Rainier. We watched all three episodes of Arthur and George on the plane. Must sleep, more tomorrow!

Travel Day )
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Daniel had to work on Monday, so Paul and I consoled ourselves by going all over the place around Seattle. We started at Golden Gardens Park, which does have pretty golden trees at this time of year but we chose it because it has a beach with tide pools on Puget Sound. After looking at anemones and the Olympic Peninsula mountains, we went to Chittenden Locks and the Lake Washington Ship Canal, which has a fish ladder and a garden as well as the canal where we got to watch the water levels brought up to let boats through.

After Vietnamese food for lunch at Monkey Bridge, we then enjoyed views of Mount Rainier while driving to Washington Park Arboretum, which is jointly owned by the nearby University of Washington and the City of Seattle. Fall is much more in evidence here than at home so it was very colorful. We were a bit early to meet Daniel for dinner, so we went to City Center and had Starbucks while circling around the Space Needle and Chihuly Gardens, then went to The Lucky Diner and hung out with Daniel in the evening!

Beach, Locks, Garden )
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Another glorious day in Seattle, scarcely a cloud in the sky -- we even saw Mount Rainier in the morning when we left the hotel -- lots of energy for the Seahawks game as we drove into town. We picked up Daniel and went to the Woodland Park Zoo, which we had last visited more than a decade ago while younger son was in the midst of his penguin enthusiasm -- the penguins are still there and also lion cubs, meerkats, Asian and North American otters, many snakes and lizards, orangutans and gorillas, bears, warthogs, and a terrific raptor show at which the most exciting animal was a guest! We went back to Daniel's apartment in the evening, watched some football, ordered Chinese food to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival, and watched the lunar eclipse as the moon rose over Belltown!

Game Day Zoo & Eclipse )
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Glorious day in Seattle, partly cloudy, in the 60s, colorful fall leaves everywhere not dominated by evergreen. We spent most of it near the center of the city -- brief walk to the waterfront to see the Olympic Sculpture Park, up to the Armory for Mod Pizza for lunch (feta and parmesan with balsamic fig sauce mmmmm), Olympic Fountain, EMP Museum free for Smithsonian Museum Day to see sci-fi, horror, rock & roll and sports; we paid only for Star Wars costume exhibit, Ti22 for Thai for dinner, glorious almost-full moon over the Space Needle as we walked back to have birthday cake for Daniel's 22nd:

Star Wars and Seattle )
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I am in Seattle to visit Daniel and celebrate his birthday! We left home around noon after our cat-sitter had taken over and I had posted a review of Voyager's long-despised "Persistence of Vision" (a.k.a. the one where Janeway makes out with Mark, Chakotay makes out with Torres, and everyone goes crazy except the Doctor). Then we went to the airport and had a perfectly fine flight on which we watched This Is Spinal Tap, at least until the final half hour when the seat belt alarm went off continuously, which was a big headache.

The good news is that we landed half an hour early; the bad news is that it took us a long time to pick up our rental car, but that left Daniel more time to visit the Friday afternoon tiki bar at Amazon before we arrived and took him to the extremely delicious Petra Mediterranean Grill for dinner. He is liking work a lot, hanging out with three friends who went to the University of Maryland with him, and disgusted with all his favorite football teams. Tomorrow we are finally getting to the Star Wars exhibit at the EMP museum! A few travel and arrival photos:

Seatac and Seattle )
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I Ask Forgiveness )

I had a lot of work and chores to get done on Thursday, the most fun part of which was running over to Best Buy because I realized my $10 reward certificate was going to expire and I wanted to get Branagh's Cinderella for half price. I finished my Voyager review a day early (because wow is it easy to write a review of an absolutely terrible episode) and finished various other projects -- just about everything but taking Liz's t-shirts to the post office got done. I even managed to watch the Pope address Congress. We took a walk later than usual and saw five bunnies for the first time in weeks, including two young ones -- they must be coming out later for the fall.

We watched the revamped Heroes Reborn, which I enjoyed nostalgically in parts -- Noah was always my favorite character, I always knew he was on Claire's side and would do anything for her -- and Katana Girl is pretty awesome. But I must confess that I've forgotten a lot of the fourth season of Heroes, so I really wish they'd done some quick exposition summarizing where we left Mohinder, Matt, Hiro, the Petrellis, et al -- a couple of characters discussing it Game of Thrones-style in the middle of a sex scene would have been entirely welcome in this instance (that is how the scene with the Haitian should have gone!). Some more photos from Annmarie Garden, the sculpture rather than the festival:

Garden Art )
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Came Yom Kippur )

I listened to a sermon for Yom Kippur, though it was delivered by the Pope rather than a rabbi. Paul worked from home and we were on our computers and doing chores in the vicinity of the TV for much of the afternoon, watching coverage since we were too paranoid about traffic to try to go anywhere for the Jewish holiday or anything else! I found the Pope very impressive particularly speaking to the cardinals, reminding them that the tent has to be big enough for anyone who wants to come in regardless of ideology, though I love seeing a global religious leader passionately arguing for the environment, too.

Although I haven't fasted in two decades, we "broke the fast" with the family friends with whom we have for the past many years. It was weird being there with none of our kids, but always nice to see everyone there. When we came home, we watched "Arctic Ghost Ship" about the Franklin expedition on NOVA (the patron Koch Brothers must have liked the evidence of non-global warming when the sea ice didn't melt), then Nashville, which would be fine except that it remains, well, Nashville, meaning everyone has the same contrived problems they did last season! Some more photos from ArtsFest at Annmarie Gardens:

ArtsFest Fun )
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Rat Song )

I got to see Adam briefly on Tuesday, which was nice -- we needed to drop off his fall clothes and take his bike to be repaired (yes, we did just do that, but the chain broke again), so we took him out to lunch at Rasoi, whose lunch buffet is as excellent as its dinner choices if not better because there's more variety for everyone. He had a good time at the hackathon (he got to eat poutine) and he's thinking about minoring in astronomy, something that has always interested him. The weather was gorgeous, we saw several deer in the neighborhood and lots of zippy chipmunks trying to GRAB ALL THE ACORNS before the squirrels get them. We had a haphazard dinner of leftovers because we were still pretty full from lunch.

For our Tuesday night premiere week TV watching, we started with The Muppets, but it was so terrible that we didn't make it through the first half hour. It was sexist, mean-spirited, more like Ted than past Muppets, and I actually liked Scream Queens better for a few minutes when we switched channels before that too went way over the top. Then we tried Limitless, which was okay -- nothing offensive or ruinous to its previous incarnation, but somewhat cliched in all the character interactions and not grabbing me the way Minority Report did...not even the way Blindspot did, since I'm looking forward to the second episode of that more than the next Limitless. Some more photos of art from ArtsFest at Annmarie Gardens:

Art In the Woods )

Have a good fast if you're observing Yom Kippur!
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Self-Portrait on the Street of an Unnamed Foreign City )

You don't actually want to know what work I got done today, you want to know how my first week of the new television season went. I am pleased to report that it is going really well so far. We watched Minority Report, which was great in just about every way, not least of which is learning that in the future, the Redskins will finally have changed the team name! It ties in nicely with the movie without feeling like one has to remember every detail of the movie to enjoy it, it reminds me a bit of Almost Human, it has a good sense of humor (pot ads! mom scoping daughter's potential boyfriends!), and visually it's wonderful -- not dark like so many futuristic shows but like Blade Runner in bright daylight.

Blindspot, too, is nicely put together, though it's definitely darker with more emphasis on the violent scenes. Both shows have several complicated female characters with complicated relationships and both pass the Bechdel test in the first fifteen minutes; let's hope that keeps up! I like Jaimie Alexander and I had no idea Marianne Jean-Baptiste was on Blindspot so that is very welcome news. Parts of the first story are a bit predictable and you'd think the NYPD would own a helicopter in case of emergencies, but I like seeing so much real-world NY and DC, and it's so nice to have so many genre shows headed by women for a change. Some photos from Flag Ponds' beach on Sunday:

Flag Ponds Beach )
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Going Steady )

We spent most of Sunday in Calvert County with Cheryl, first at Annmarie Gardens for ArtsFest, then at Flag Ponds Park to get in an afternoon at the beach before it gets too chilly. ArtsFest has over a hundred vendors selling all sorts of artwork, particularly glass, jewelry, and Maryland-themed decorations (particularly nautical and beachy), plus food trucks, live music, and just some fun goofy things like gigantic beach balls and romper stompers in among the artwork on loan from the Hirshhorn Museum. We had brought sandwiches, so we had a picnic while listening to The Lovejoy Group, and we looked at lots of jewelry and crafts that were gorgeous.

Then we drove to Flag Ponds, where we took the woods trail down to the beach. There were very few people (and no jellyfish) and the water was as warm as the air. We did not find any shark's teeth, but we saw lots of seagulls plus an egret fishing in one of the estuaries flowing into the Chesapeake Bay, and while we were in the parking lot by the nature center, a pair of eagles flew over us. When eventually we came home in triumphant DC football traffic -- sadly things did not end as well for Baltimore -- we watched A Royal Night Out so we could get our George VI and Lionel Logue fix before Cheryl had to go home, then we watched this week's Vicious.

Arts Fest and Flag Ponds )
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I spent practically all of Saturday at the Bar Mitzvah of my friend Linda's youngest child -- service in the morning at the shul, luncheon following, then a couple of hours during which Paul and I got our free Talk Like A Pirate day Krispy Kreme donuts and watched the successful end of the Maryland game before the evening reception -- dinner, dessert, and dancing -- at a hotel by Washingtonian Lake.

I was sitting with my friends from high school and their spouses, and I got to see the people we see every year at my friend's Super Bowl party. It was lovely but bittersweet because I saw many people I've known for 40 years, Linda aunts and cousins, whom I have no idea now when I'll see again...maybe at one of her kids' weddings, but that could easily be a decade or more away. A few pics:

A Bar Mitzvah )


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