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Face Down )

Thursday involved folding laundry, being pursued by cats, and trying to work on my Voyager review while returning phone calls that kept giving me an excuse not to work on it (it's "Macrocosm" which is not exactly the most intellectual episode of Star Trek ever produced). It was drizzly and chilly but kind of nice to see so much color around the neighborhood in that kind of weather.

We watched the beginning of the NFL draft, though I don't know anything about the guy the Ravens picked except that he was wearing a very impressive suit. Then we watched The 100, which was awesome and terrible (ABBY, NO! MARCUS, NOOOOO! Jaha, I hate you more than Pike) and Orphan Black (Alison is my hero and if she were on The 100, she would be Heda). From Brookside Gardens last month:

March at Brookside )
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Serenity )

I feel like days keep getting away from me while I'm just trying to get the basics done! On Wednesday, one of them was re-uploading all my Green Man Review articles because it turns out that since I had them linked on the now-defunct site, I'd never put them on my on web page though I'd saved HTML drafts, which had to be updated and uploaded. I probably spent too much time reading and responding to election coverage, and we caught up on Once Upon a Time, where the Mills women are the only thing worth watching.

We did get to have dinner with Angela at California Tortilla -- I hadn't seen her (or eaten there) since before I went to L.A. last month, and she and I have both had a lot going on in our lives to catch up on! We came back to my house and listened to Hamilton while drinking tea and playing with the cats. After she had to go home, Paul and I watched Nashville, on which Scarlett and Gunnar sang a lovely song and everyone continued to act like bratty teenagers, again. Garrett Park azaleas in bloom last weekend:

Garrett Park )
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My Mother Goes to Vote )

It's been kind of a weird Tuesday around here, in part because Maryland held its primary election, so at lunchtime we walked over to vote at our kids' elementary school, where we were surprised to be handed paper ballots because this time around, to avoid miscounts, our state is having voters mark paper and then scan them so there will be a physical record if something goes wrong with the machines. It was a good election day for me, since the candidate I really want to replace Barbara Mikulski in the Senate won the Democratic nomination, and I'm delighted that Clinton did so well, too.

It was also nice to walk through the neighborhood at the height of azalea season, when there's so much color everywhere -- the last of the cherry and apple blossoms, the first of the irises, many tulips, some peonies. The rest of my day was mostly work and chores until dinnertime, which ended up being late so we ate while watching The Flash, which was pretty good (Bechdel pass!). Then we also watched Agents of SHIELD, which continues to be wildly uneven (too many characters and not my favorites talking) before the season finale of Limitless, which had better come back next season! Brookside animals:

Brookside Noisemakers )
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Utopian )

I spent a really nice, relaxing Monday with Cheryl eating Lebanese Taverna hummus, grape leaves, lebneh, and fatayers and watching Chaplin, the 2015 live action Cinderella, and a couple of episodes of Robin of Sherwood, broken up by a walk around the neighborhood to see the azaleas, chipmunks, and one rabbit who paused mid-hop to look at us. Chaplin made me nostalgic for L.A., especially the scenes on the beach in Malibu right by Point Dume.

I can't believe I was there just a few weeks ago. Paul and I had a late dinner, watched Blindspot, played with our cats, and talked to our niece who's thinking of moving to the east coast. Tomorrow is Maryland's primary, so hopefully by evening our phone will stop ringing with people begging, pleading and demanding our votes. Here are a few more photos from the Light City exhibit all around Baltimore's Inner Harbor a couple of weeks ago:

Lights Around The Harbor )
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Some Glory In Their Birth )

We spent a really nice Sunday in York with Paul's parents, where we ate lunch and enjoyed the sunshine in between Skyping nearly all of their children and grandchildren -- David and Maria plus Lukas, Jamie, and Rafael, Jon and Brooke plus Holden and Noah, Maddy, Daniel, and Adam. It was great to catch up with everyone and Paul's father is feeling so much better, though he's frustrated being in rehab when he'd like to get up and walk in the sunshine!

We got home in time for a quick dinner before Madam Secretary -- I'm amused how often Henry is stuck in the role of damsel in distress -- and Elementary -- it's obvious that Sherlock never watches TV or he'd be able to guess as early as the audience can who's probably behind all the stuff he always wants to blame on his father. Since it's been lovely out, here are some spring flowers and animals from around my neighborhood and right nearby (deer photo by my mother):

Spring in the Neighborhood )
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Peaches )

I'm still recovering from the fourth cup of wine from our second night Passover seder, and we're watching the Saturday Night Live Prince tribute, so this is going to be brief and possibly misspelled. We had a nice Saturday organized around getting Adam home for the holiday, so we went to Garrett Park, the former B&O railway town that's full of gardens, particularly stunning azaleas. We walked around for an hour, then went to College Park to retrieve Adam.

My friend Annmarie arrived shortly after we got home, and Christine (who was already home visiting her parents) came over a bit later so we could all go together to my parents' for the seder along with friends of theirs. I ate huge amounts of food (as always the actual seder foods are my favorite part, especially the charoset and eggs, though the chocolate roll is really good too). Then we said goodnight and drove son back to College Park. Some Passover pics:

Second Night Seder )
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Port-Au-Prince )

Happy Passover! Friday was better than Thursday, though I avoided the news wherever possible so maybe I just don't know. I rewrote a review of Voyager's "The Q and the Grey" that I thought I'd finished on Thursday, did a little bit of shopping, and had dinner with my parents, though we're having the main family seder on Saturday night, when Adam, Christine, and other friends of our family can be there.

The Nationals were willing so convincingly when we got home that we watched a couple of Bones episodes, though confusingly the first four episodes of the fourth season are included in the season three DVD set, so we started watching several episodes in before realizing we'd skipped a disc. ZACK, HOW COULD YOU! Photos from a walk along the C&O Canal at the peak of bluebell season, which has given way to azalea season:

Flowers and Turtles )
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1999 )

I had a lot of work to do Thursday morning and it was a sucky morning anyway because of Prince, but then I got to go out with friends who are moving to the area from New England, so that was a delight! As often happens when I mention to fannish people visiting DC that there's a restaurant called Bilbo Baggins that has craft beer, we wound up in Alexandria, where I had the wonderful brie en croute, they had seafood, and afterward we all walked the two short blocks to Founders Park, where the view past the boats shows National Harbor across the river on one side and the Capitol on the other.

We missed the first few minutes of The 100, where for a minute I thought they were just going to kill off 2/3 of the remaining cast and pretty much start over next season, though they only killed a couple of people -- maybe it's only the people of color and lesbians they're going to kill off. Orphan Black has been amazing this season and tonight's was no exception -- I love the flashbacks, I love that what we thought the Neolutions were up to might be something else entirely, I love that we have no idea what Rachel's doing but it's probably evil. From the National Aquarium earlier this spring:

National Aquarium )
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Fleshing-out the Season )

Wednesday we had an exciting thing happen! Our plumber came for our annual inspection and said our pipes looked pretty good! Well, except the downstairs sink, which has ongoing drip issues that would cost a lot to fix, and the tub in the kids' bathroom upstairs, ditto, but nothing was exploding so knock wood that's all good. In other words, not a lot that was exciting happened.

I did get some work done and watched this week's Voyager episode ("The Q and the Grey" -- not as sexy as Colbert's version last night), and in the late afternoon, since our whole neighborhood is in bloom, we went to see the azaleas at McCrillis Gardens. Evening TV included Nature's episode about beavers and this week's Nashville, in which as usual everyone behaved like a teenager!

Bethesda in Pinks )
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Song )

On Tuesday I stopped at the library and at Michael's (50% off coupon good for three hours only), and took a walk and saw a bunny plus lots of azaleas! And that was most of the excitement, unless you count very helpful cats who got involved in all my chores. Our power flickered off and on for just long enough to turn off the computers and knock off all the clocks, some of which have not yet been reset.

It was a busy genre TV night: The Flash, which was okay (needs more women talking about things other than their crushes), Agents of SHIELD, which I really enjoyed (I know I should not hate That Character but she's so annoying that when she's evil I gloat), then Limitless (please, CBS, renew this show, it's well-scripted and funny and the women are awesome). Since spring is so lovely, Brookside Gardens tulips:

Tulips In Color )
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How to Change a Frog Into a Prince )

Monday mostly involved chores. Nothing interesting happened, apart from catching up on Once Upon a Time (lesbian love story good, having it be Henry's fantasy not so good), until the late afternoon, when we took a walk at Carderock, where we saw lots of birds and frogs and flowers, plus a low-flying helicopter, enormous houses, and the waterfall at Scott's Run across the river in Virginia:

Carderock )

We were near Carderock so we could stop at the Bethesda Co-op, where we got wonderful crusty bread and strawberry moscato. We had Yankee pot roast for dinner for Patriots' Day since Paul grew up in Boston. Evening TV included the season finale of Supergirl, which I mostly liked though that speech was way too long, and Blindspot, which had some cringe-worthy homophobic stereotypes.
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The Lamb )

We're back from York, where we went with Adam to see Paul's parents on Sunday. Clair is making great progress -- his speech is vastly improved and he's restless not being permitted to walk around on his own while his hip is still healing. We all had lunch together and went to the rehab center's computer room to Skype with Daniel, which made his grandparents very happy though he wasn't entirely awake yet and was trying to fix a ticket for work while talking since he's on call this weekend.

We drove Adam back to College Park in the late afternoon and had veggie meatballs at Ikea before depositing him at his dorm. Then we came home and technically watched Madam Secretary and Elementary, but I don't have a clue what happened in either because my laptop's camera wasn't working -- I ended up having to reinstall all sorts of drivers and software -- which we discovered when we tried to Skype and ended up having to use Adam's laptop. In happy news, we saw lambs in both College Park and York:

Maryland and Pennsylvania Lambs )
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Alone )

Been in York, PA seeing Paul's father, mother, and youngest brother who is flying home to Oregon in the morning. Clair is making progress but it's slow and difficult -- we saw some of his physical therapy, walking and climbing steps, which would be hard enough purely from the hip injury without also having to contend with the effects of a stroke. We had brought lunch with us and ate at the picnic tables outside with Cinda while Clair was having speech therapy. They keep him very busy in rehab, which is good! We're going back tomorrow with Adam so he can see his grandpa.

Meanwhile, we just watched Victor Frankenstein, which has a screenplay as bad as you've heard but a cast that's fun and a bizarre love story between Victor and Igor (Lorelai's character is ostensibly the companion of a different gay man but she's obviously really there in a futile attempt to persuade us that Igor isn't in love with Victor). The visuals are fun, like Ritchie watched too much Gilliam then had his budget cut. Because it's about an Uruk, I knew it was all going to end in a warg battle, but before that, it's entertaining. From Brookside Gardens, spring tulips, turtles, frog, and other animals:

Tulips and Animals )
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Garden Abstract )

Friday was yet another glorious spring day in the DC area. We did our work early so we could go to Brookside Gardens before stopping off to get kitty litter. The tulips are in all their glory, and there are frogs and turtles all around the ponds, plus pairs of Canada geese and cardinals. After visiting, we did our shopping at Petco and Michaels, then went to my parents' for dinner.

Brookside in Tulips )

I've been on the phone all evening with relatives and we're getting up early to go to Pennsylvania to see Paul's father, coming home in the evening, then going up again Sunday after picking up Adam in College Park. Here is my review of Voyager's "Warlord" (if you don't remember it, don't bother to rewatch unless you really love Jennifer Lien).

We were going to watch the season finale of Sleepy Hollow but then I read a huge spoiler (in a news article, not a newspaper column) and I shall be skipping the rest of that show forever. Instead we watched the season finale of Billions, which continues to have fairly detestable characters overall, but had some interesting not-entirely-predictable relationship stuff.
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Mother Sea Lion )

I'm not going to be exciting this week, sorry (at least I sincerely hope the rest of the week continues to be as unexciting to report as the past three days have been). I had a massive amount to get done on Thursday and only finished the least critical but most fun thing -- a Shutterfly photo book of our L.A. trip before my percent-off coupon expires, since sadly there are no free book coupons at the moment.

Yet another gorgeous spring day meant that we took yet another walk in a local park, this time Locust Grove after stopping at the post office to mail our tax forms. The 100 was engrossing even though I currently despise a lot of my favorite characters, and Orphan Black is back! With an awesome sad flashback episode! Since I was going through L.A. pics, here are some of the Point Dume sea lions:

Around Point Dume )
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Many Miles )

Laundry: done. Review: mostly done in case we end up going to Pennsylvania on Friday afternoon. I'm still way, way behind on correspondence and have all kinds of things to research that are stressful and inconclusive -- I don't have all the necessary facts for some of them and the people who could help are not entirely forthcoming -- but at least I have notes.

It was another gorgeous day, so after 5 we went to Great Falls to enjoy it for a couple of hours along with the herons, turtles, ducks, and geese. I don't think in all the years we've been going there we've ever seen so many bluebells. We watched a Bones episode and then Nashville to decompress, and for a change the latter really worked for me!

Falls Flora and Fauna )
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The Camellia )

It was cooler on Tuesday, but still beautiful outside, and I am still behind on everything -- the laundry isn't even started, though my weekly Voyager review now is. Paul's mother reports that his father continues to improve, though we still don't know how long Clair's recovery might take.

We decided to take a walk at McCrillis Gardens in the late afternoon to see whether the azaleas were in bloom -- they're starting, but will be more impressive next week, though the bluebells are spectacular. Evening involved Agents of SHIELD and the Graham Norton episode we missed over the weekend.

Bethesda Flowers )
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The light of a candle )

I have no idea where Monday went -- I had a huge number of things to catch up, I only got some of them done and the laundry isn't even started. But it was a pretty good day: my father-in-law is making good progress, according to Paul's brother who worked using the hospital wi-fi while visiting him, my mother-in-law got some rest, and my cats all remember me though they miss our cat-sitter spoiling them.

We caught up on two episodes of Once Upon a Time, which feels redundant even in the Underworld but wow Gaston is hotter IRL than animated, and we caught tonight's Supergirl (plot meh, Cat Grant once again making the show worthwhile). In between, we went to walk along the canal, where the turtles were sunning themselves in the 70-degree air while the bluebells and phlox are in bloom all around.

Oodles of Turtles )
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Healthy Smiths )

We're home for a couple of days from Pennsylvania to see our cats and get our work done. Paul's father is definitely improving -- his speech is much clearer than when we first saw him on Saturday morning -- but between that and his broken hip, which is still going to require several weeks of rehab, it's going to be a long recovery. Still, he's in amazingly good spirits.

We had lunch with Paul's mother and brother Jon, then went to pick up their father's things from the rehabilitation facility where he was being treated for the hip injury when they took him to the hospital for the suspected stroke. We got home on the late side, but were able to watch Elementary because of the post-golf delay on CBS. Now I'm too exhausted to type!

Visiting York )
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Hello from Pennsylvania, where we're staying at a Holiday Inn with Paul's mother and youngest brother, Jon, a few minutes from the hospital where his father is recovering from a broken hip and stroke. We got to the hospital before Cinda arrived this morning and were very encouraged by how alert and chatty he was. He can move all his limbs and digits and his hip is healing because they've been doing physical therapy with him.

While Clair was having some scans done, we went to lunch at Isaac's Deli, which we've enjoyed with Clair and Cinda before. In the late afternoon, we left them at the hospital and drove to BWI to pick up Jon -- David will come soon, now that his dad is out of danger, so there'll be visitors over several weeks. We had dinner at the very good Viet Thai Cafe and now we're watching Russell Crowe on SNL. Thanks for all the good wishes.

Visiting York )


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