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The Mystery )

After weeks of May being unseasonably cold, hot weather has arrived with a vengeance and on Thursday gave us a nearly 90 degree, code orange day. I spent a lot of it fighting with work -- I don't care how popular "Blood Fever" is with the P/T crowd, it's an atrocious episode that twice tries to justify sexual assault -- then Paul and I went to Kohl's to pick up the clothes I didn't buy yesterday because of their stupid coupon policy. They lost an additional $21 from me because I'd found a shirt I almost bought there for less online.

Adam had lunch with my mother and afternoon plans with friends, but he was here for dinner, and afterward we all watched Deadpool because he hadn't seen it although most of his friends had. Then he went to chat with Christine, who's at the beach, and we watched Orphan Black, which as always was engrossing and distressing and I can't even feel sorry for Rachel. Here are some older photos of Baltimore's Seven Foot Knoll Light, originally dating from 1855 and now in the Inner Harbor, including a view of Lady Maryland from an interior window:

Screwpile Lighthouse )
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Turtle, Swan )

It was actually hot on Wednesday! My morning was mostly work, which included watching Voyager's "Blood Fever" -- an episode a lot of people like because it gets Paris and Torres together, and I despise because I can't get past the casual date rape themes -- then after lunch Adam and I went to Kohl's and Target to get him bathing suits and stuff for his weeks working in Texas, though I have to go back to Kohl's to pick up the stuff there tomorrow because my %$@#& coupon isn't good until then.

Adam had plans with friends after dinner so we had our meatloaf and scalloped potatoes (two of his favorites) on the early side. Then he went out while we watched the Arrow season finale (too little Barrowman, too much violence) and the Nashville series finale (nearly every storyline wrapped up neatly, in most cases by vilifying one woman so another could have her redemption; the only storyline I cared about was Will's, and that, at least, ended well). Here's Lake Whetstone during gosling season:

Waterfowl and Turtles )
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Chess )

Wednesday actually felt like May! It was nearly 80 degrees and the sun was out all afternoon! I had a pretty dull morning doing work and sweeping all the wet leaves off the deck and front porch so they could get dry while Adam was out enjoying the weather with friends. But in the afternoon, when Paul had finished working, we all went to take a walk along the C&O Canal, where the snakes were hiding but the turtles, frogs, herons, and fish were not. Afterward we stopped at the Bethesda Co-op for fruit, sesame sticks, and goat cheese, then had Gorgonzola and garlic ravioli for dinner.

Canal Today )

Then those of us who watch The Flash watched the season finale, which Adam tells me suggests that next season they'll be doing The Flashpoint Paradox, which I haven't seen but I hope it doesn't drag as long as the Zoom storyline has. Then we all watched Pawn Sacrifice, which is amazingly gripping -- I knew most of what was going to happen, and I know Fischer was mentally ill but still an awful person, and I found it utterly gripping anyway. My one complaint is that there's not enough explanation of just what was so radical about his chess-playing, which would be much more relevant than how he lost his virginity.
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A Song Of Sherwood )

Cheryl and I have known for weeks that we needed to see The Nice Guys together, so she came up on Monday so we could be fangirls. We started by watching Eddie the Eagle On Demand, then Paul made lunch for all of us including Adam. Then we went with Adam and Christine to the mall to see The Nice Guys, which was highly entertaining though more violent than I was expecting -- a very black comedy, even more so than Kiss Kiss Bang Bang -- and not winning any feminist awards due to a subplot involving porn stars, but the performances are great, including young teen Angourie Rice as well as Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe.

Adam and Christine had plans with friends in the evening, so we came home to feed the cats and let them get their own vehicle, then we went to California Tortilla for dinner after a couple of episodes of Robin of Sherwood (both were great -- the one about medieval mistreatment of Jews in England and the one about not shedding blood during Pagan holy days). We took a walk to see bunnies (two in the post-rain wet grass) before Cheryl went home. I spent an hour on the phone catching up with my college roommate Tracey before the season finale of Blindspot, which was satisfying apart from one character being gone. Along the C&O Canal a week or so ago:

Canal Critters )
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I Cloned Myself on Friday Night )

We spent most of Sunday in Hanover visiting Paul's parents, who were in good moods despite the rain -- making steady progress, getting out more to see things locally. Adam came with us, and Daniel was at home in Seattle, so we all Skyped with him and they got to see him, too. We picked up pizza on the way there, and we also stopped at Hanover Shoe Farms to see the foals:

Hanover Shoe Farms )

We saw some of the Red Sox game before we left to drive home in the rain, where we arrived to a crock pot full of stout and chicken stew. Then Christine came over and after a lengthy discussion about what she had never seen, what Adam had never seen, and what we were all in the mood for, we watched The Island, for which I have great affection despite it being mediocre sci-fi and Michael Bay!
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By the Stream )

It rained from long before dawn till after dusk on Saturday, and while it was never pouring down triggering flood warnings, it was dark and gloomy and chilly. Adam went out to breakfast with Christine, then needed to pick up ice cream to take to a movie marathon with friends, so we stopped at the food store and CVS with him, took him to the party, and went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get exciting things like a new doormat. If anyone is looking to adopt a kitten in the mid-Atlantic region, Katniss and Effie's foster mom has rescued several babies!

We caught up on the TV we missed this week, first Orphan Black, which is always amazing -- I keep forgetting that Leda's all one actress, Maslany should win Best Actress AND Best Supporting Actress -- then Once Upon a Time, which apart from the bad Orientalist stereotypes and the most annoying guy being back from the dead was better than any episode this season. The show hits its stride when it's mostly Regina and Emma, which this one was! From Marjorie Merriweather Post's collection of famous fashion on display at Hillwood earlier this year:

Decades of Fashion )
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Love's Body )

My Friday morning was taken up with finishing a review of "Coda", the Voyager episode that made us so happy then broke all our hearts so many years ago. Then, while I was working on graphics for the review, we caught up on the season finale of The 100 -- extremely satisfying in almost every way -- and the penultimate episode of Nashville -- can't say the same, but maybe they'll have had a plan to wrap it up in case of cancellation and I'll love next week's.

We had dinner at my parents' house -- Thanksgiving food, since Adam likes tofurkey -- then came home and decided to watch Gattaca on Amazon Prime since somehow none of us had seen it. I really enjoyed it; it's a bit exposition-heavy especially at the beginning, but it's so nice to see a sci-fi movie with almost no gore and not one gratuitous fight scene. It's dated in terms of the uses of genetics, but it's visually striking and I like the soundtrack. Flowers from Longwood Gardens months ago:

50 Shades of Purple )
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The Jungle )

The sun came out on Thursday! I had a bunch of work to do in the morning and wasted too much time trying to create a mobile version of my web site -- too complicated -- but in the afternoon, after Adam got back from lunch with my mother and Paul got finished with work, we picked up Christine and went to Great Falls. The goslings were hiding, but we saw geese, turtles, frogs, broadhead and five-lined skinks, great blue herons, cardinals, and two kinds of snakes!

Great Falls )

We all went to California Tortilla for dinner -- I wanted to try the new Mediterranean Bowl while it lasts since CalTort has a habit of discontinuing all of my favorites as soon as I discover them -- then we came back to our house, where I watched the Voyager episode I need to review ("Coda" and it's all downhill from here) and, since Christine had never seen it, we all watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I love that movie and it's interesting watching this Steve again after Civil War.
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Angela and Kevin have been here eating pizza and watching Snowpiercer and The Warriors and then YouTube videos like the Jon Snow Apollo 13 crossover, and since the rest of my day was relatively uneventful, I will catch up tomorrow! Have some ducks:

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Time )

It rained again all day on Tuesday. It was also unseasonably cool for May, but I can live with that; it's the ongoing dark skies and steady, constant cold drizzle that gets me down. Younger son slept late so I did most of my work in the morning, though all the laundry still isn't put away. We had eggs and (fake) bacon for lunch, then we all watched Fathers and Daughters, which is very good -- much better than its reviews, a decent if depressing script and excellent acting -- I was afraid it would be all about the genius writer but it was really the lost girl's story.

Son had plans with friends after dinner, so after some chores and jewelry repair, we watched The Flash, which was almost obnoxiously predictable even for a non-comic reader like myself. Then we watched Agents of SHIELD, which was not predictable -- neither of the two characters I expected to die did -- but between the Jesus symbolism and the insane overhyping of the character who has always been insanely overhyped (and stop insisting that it's sexist to complain about her; I'd complain about her even more if she'd been a man). Brookside flowers from March:

Brookside Blooms )
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Looking at Them Asleep )

Adam is finished with finals and home for a couple of weeks before going to Texas State for an REU studying and working with the Internet of Things, so we spent the morning doing work and chores, then went to College Park to pick him up as well as all his stuff. He has had two wonderful roommates for the two years he's lived in the honors college dorm, though I'm sure he's happy that he'll have his own room next semester -- not to mention a bathroom, kitchen, and laundry facilities shared with only one new roommate in the same complex where Daniel lived for his junior and senior years of college. Considering that Adam wanted to study business when he met Brian and Faith and started dating Christine -- who are all engineers -- and now he's planning to get a dual degree in computer engineering and math, they have all been good influences.

The afternoon involved a great many loads of laundry and moving a lot of stuff around the house, then watching Eddie the Eagle since Adam hadn't seen it. He tried to explain the math he's studying in his directed reading program, but given that I haven't taken math since pre-calculus in high school, it pretty much all went over my head. We had burgers with sweet potato fries for dinner, did some more laundry, and put on Shaun the Sheep, which he hadn't seen either. Then he went to do his own thing and we watched Blindspot, which had that genuinely shocking and terrible thing! Which I want reversed! (Not the Big Secret, which I guessed a while back was coming; the thing with the gun.) I know the show is coming back and I want a certain character to come back with it! Here are a few more photos from the Virginia Renaissance Faire, including adoptable kittens!

Greyhounds and Pirates )
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And Call Ye This To Utter What Is Just )

On Sunday Paul and I got up, got dressed, and drove a couple of hours to the Virginia Renaissance Faire, where we met Cheryl and saw a joust, rescued greyhound racing, alpacas, the Queen, the Rogues, the Nickel Shakespeare Girls, a labyrinth, a pirate ship, crepes, chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, and lots of clothes, jewelry, art, and Tarot cards!

Renaissance in Virginia )

We stopped at the Lake Anna Winery shop on the way out, then drove to Stafford and had Mexican food at Carlos O'Kelly's before Cheryl headed south and we headed north, arriving home too late for the Once Upon a Time season finale, so instead we watched the Smithsonian Channel special on the Queen at 90 and Million Dollar American Princesses.
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In the Back Seat of History )

We spent most of Saturday in Hanover visiting Paul's parents, who seem much improved each time we visit them. It's been about five weeks since Clair's stroke, and while he still has speech issues, it's clear that his memory hasn't been impaired (and he can recall what's going on with the Red Sox). We brought in pizza, watched some baseball, and enjoyed the six bunnies chasing each other all around their backyard.

In Pennsylvania, Mostly )

There was a thunderstorm while we were eating lunch and we drove home in alternating drizzle and bright sunshine. When we arrived, there was a rainbow over our neighborhood. We had veggie tacos for dinner, then watched 99 Homes, which was very good and very depressing, a thematic sequel to The Big Short but much more depressing in tone. Michael Shannon gives a terrific performance; at first I thought he was channeling Javert, but he's actually Thenardier.
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The Skyscraper Loves Night )

Friday dawned dark and rainy like every other day for weeks and weeks, but in the afternoon, an amazing thing happened and the sun came out! (The University of Maryland police department, which often tweets missing persons reports and resolutions, tweeted that the sun had finally been located.) I stayed in all morning anyway finishing a review of "Alter Ego" (just as terrible as the first time), then in the afternoon we went to take a walk along the sunny canal, where we saw many turtles and several snakes!

Canal Animals )

We stopped at the Bethesda Co-op on the way home for soap, potatoes, and wine, then we had feta and hazelnut ravioli for dinner with really fresh crusty bread and marmalade. Then we went to see High-Rise, which is like an unholy cross between Brave New World and Snowpiercer only set in a building instead of on a train and with a different cast (Hiddleston, Irons, Miller, Purefoy), somewhat higher production values, a lot more sex, plus an explicit anti-Thatcher agenda. I liked The Night Manager better!
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Song for Future Books )

Quickie this time because Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are on Colbert and I'm distracted. There were moments on Thursday when it actually looked like the sun might come out, though it only lasted for a few minutes at the time, and while I'll always take slightly cooler weather over hot and muggy, I am really missing the light. Otherwise it was an uneventful morning with a bunch of unexciting work and chores.

We needed to get cat litter, so I convinced Paul to go take a walk at Brookside Gardens first in case there were goslings (there were) and turtles, frogs, herons, etc. (yay)! Then we did some shopping, came home for dinner, and watched The 100 -- Pike can kill Kane now, I don't care -- and Orphan Black -- STOP IT, FELIX, AND COSIMA, YOU HAD BETTER NOT. Now Ryan is throwing a tantrum and storming off Colbert's set!

Overcast Garden )
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Care )

Quickie because we had company! Yet again we had rain most of the day, which is literally making me sick -- no amount of Vitamin D from a pill makes up for sunlight, and it's rare for me to feel so draggy and tired in the spring as opposed to the winter when the sun goes down early. I had a bunch of work and chores to do, Paul and I had lunch together, I half-caught up on email.

In the late afternoon we went to the mall to meet Angela and Kevin for dinner, then we came back to our house for Derby pie, mint juleps -- yes, we know we're several days late -- and The Cube, which was very enjoyable in large part because of the cast and the fact that the women's roles were quite good. Plus we watched a bad Voyager episode together! Goslings from Great Falls yesterday:

Around the Canal )
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Snow Geese )

My Tuesday involved a lot of geese and turtles, which I mean in a good way. I met Kay for lunch at Tara Thai and took a walk around the lake afterward, looking for goslings; I didn't find any, but I did find one of the snow geese with dark spots from the gaggle of goslings in 2006 that were clearly the product of a Canada goose father and snow goose mother, though two Canada geese were raising them and the dad never seemed to notice how unlikely it was that he had fathered them (see photo inset). I bought some fish food from one of the machines to try to feed a Canada goose with an injured wing, though the other geese and ducks tried to chase off the goose to steal the food.

Around Washingtonian Lake )

As you can see, there were turtles and a heron in the drizzle at Washingtonian Lake as well. In the late afternoon, I asked Paul to go to Great Falls to see if we could find the goslings there. This was a much more successful gosling trip: we saw five families with babies, including one couple with nine goslings, ranging from little yellow fuzzballs to practically awkward gawky adolescent dinosaur geese. After dinner, we watched this week's The Flash (went from too drippy to please no Jesus allegory), Agents of SHIELD (I did NOT see that coming, May, you rock), and the Once Upon a Time we missed on Sunday (sorry, but I was not even slightly sniffly except because the Caps lost)!
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Lone Wild Goose )

Paul worked for half a day so that in the late morning, we could drive to Hanover and visit his parents now that his father is home! We picked up pizza on the way and spent the afternoon with them, helping with some computer stuff and making a run to pick up prescriptions. His speech is much better though he was a bit tired after a morning of physical and speech therapy -- plus staying up the night before to watch the Red Sox.

We had yet another unseasonably cold, overcast day, raining when we left home, though there was only drizzle in Pennsylvania falling on the horse farms we drove past. We got back to more rain, stopped in the food store mostly for cat food, ate dinner, and watched Blindspot, which has improved steadily in the latter part of this season, especially the women's roles. Here are some of the geese and goslings around Lake Whetstone on Sunday:

Geese and Goslings )
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Wild Geese )

I slept late on Mother's Day, which is partly my cats' fault as one was on my feet and one was hiding under the covers nudging me for much of the morning. When I got up, we called Paul's parents to give his mother best wishes of the day, then we had eggs and facon for lunch and drove to Lake Whetstone. Here's most of the day in photos:

Mother's Day )

We got home in time for the Madam Secretary season finale (whose twist I predicted correctly) and Skyped with Daniel, who had sunny weather in the 80s last week while we had Seattle's weather (chilly, rainy). Afterward we watched the Elementary season finale (too little Joan all season, too much Sherlock family drama, but the episode was fine)!
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My Childhood Home I See Again )

On Saturday we got up, got organized, said hello to the bunny in our next door neighbor's yard, and went to College Park to pick up Adam so that we could all go see Captain America: Civil War together with a bunch of friends. We spotted goslings behind the Comcast Center, though we couldn't find any up close when we walked around the lake at Washingtonian looking for them after seeing a family from the garage. We hung out in line with Karen and Jim, Angela, Lena and Jack, and Katie for at least an hour before the very crowded movie.

No spoilers, but I loved pretty much everything about Civil War. The action sequences never went on too long and never felt gratuitous; one was filled with a lot of humor, mostly focused on two characters whose roles I hadn't expected to be so large, while another was extremely emotional and though it was brutal to watch, it made complete sense for where the characters were. Given that it was a film primarily about two men, the women's roles were good (I think it passed the Bechdel test less than five minutes in), and the funny bits never felt tacked on.

After the movie we all planned to get Mexican food, but the restaurant had nearly an hour wait, so instead we went to Union Jack's. Under normal circumstances I would have said it was much too loud in there, but it was entertaining to be in a place with at least a dozen large screens while the Nationals, Capitols, and various basketball games were being played plus the Kentucky Derby was being run (I knew nothing about any horse in the race). We stopped at home so Adam could give something to Christine, then drove him back to College Park and now we're watching Bones.

Civil War and Kentucky Derby )


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