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Monday involved a bunch of laundry and boring work interspersed with two Latios raids -- caught a shiny, plus found a shiny Buneary and random shiny Mareep, so that was fun! Plus I walked several miles thinking that it was the last day of Eggstravaganza double distance credits, only to find out that that's tomorrow, but it was a really gorgeous day so it was well worth it. I didn't do anything for Earth Day besides sign some petitions and admire a lot of flowers, so I owe the planet some more attention.

We watched Legends of Tomorrow, which was touching as well as funny -- I need to catch up on the first two seasons this summer. Then we watched Sunday night's Billions, which was neither touching nor funny and Wendy's behavior toward Taylor is confusing me. The Enemy Within is confusing me even more and kind of aggravating me. In honor of that lovely Mareep, here are some of the sheep and lambs at Mount Vernon, moms and babies in the upper paddock, dads and non-breeders in the lower farm:

2019-04-21 14.30.17
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Sunday was as beautiful as Saturday -- a few degrees cooler, a bit more overcast -- so after lunch we went to Mount Vernon, which has lambs in the farm and we figured it wouldn't be very crowded on Easter Sunday. Adam and Katherine had made good progress on their math homework and wanted to see lambs too, so they came and met us there for a walk through the upper and lower farms and the woods trail. Since Katherine had not visited in her memory, we also watched the movie and took the house tour, though the house is having extensive renovations so the tour is abbreviated and a lot of the furniture is out.

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We had to drive through Alexandria to get home, so we all went to Bilbo Baggins for dinner and shared several cheese plates, brie en croute, veggie pizza, fruit, and chocolate desserts before the kids headed back to College Park and we headed home. We missed part of Supergirl doing chores, but we watched the BBC Les Miserables (not quite my Valjean but SO MUCH my Javert) and Madam Secretary (which features a huge terrorist attack murdering diplomats used entirely for plot manipulation, which pissed me off). Now we're watching John Oliver create a mascot for a Japanese city, a letdown after the Mueller Report.
We spent a really nice afternoon in DC on Saturday, in gorgeous weather so we did a great deal of walking. We parked at L'Enfant Plaza and went by way of the sculpture garden to the Hirshhorn Museum, which has an interactive exhibit called Pulse by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer that uses sensors tracking the heart rates of volunteer museum visitors to create a sound and light show animating their life signs. It's pretty amazing. Then we went through the Smithsonian Castle gardens to Empresses of China's Forbidden City at the Sackler Gallery, which has three floors of artifacts of the Qing dynasty women. We also stopped at the Freer Gallery's Peacock Room while it has no porcelain on display for renovations.

Then we crossed the Mall to go to the National Museum of American History, which has a small exhibit of superhero comic book art and costumes from adaptations including Captain America's shield, Wolverine's claws, and the Batmobile! We got soft ice cream from one of the trucks near the Washington Monument and headed to the Floral Library, which has dozens of different color tulips in bloom, and from there to the Tidal Basin, where what's left of the cherry blossoms are mostly drying petals on the ground. Then we circled back to our car, drove home, had faux chicken in hollandaise for dinner, and watched Life of Brian in honor of Easter, which I hope everyone who's celebrating enjoys!

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Chag Pesach Sameach! And hope you had a good Good Friday if you observe it. I mostly did chores on Friday before the rain arrived -- the dehumidifiers were picked up by the restoration company, I stopped in a couple of stores and got a bagel because I had to have one before Passover -- then late in the afternoon we met Adam and Katherine at my parents' for the seder, which was very nice and involved a huge amount of food, plus Skyping Daniel who was headed to Sakuracon with friends. When Adam and Katherinne had to return to College Park, Paul and I came home and watched Prince of Egypt, which we had been discussing in versions of the Passover story. A few photos:

2019-04-19 17.57.36
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Quickie as the Orioles game just ended in extra innings (successfully, after trying to blow it in the 9th!) and I was distracted with Mueller Report commentary and avoiding Endgame spoilers in headlines about the terrible leaks of Endgame spoilers. Most of my day was unexciting, apart from getting invited to a 10:30 a.m. EX raid at the last minute at the Gifford Pinchot Forestry Building and catching a shiny Latios at a just-before-dinner raid. Daisy appears to be feeling better; she ate plenty!

Before the Orioles game, we watched this week's Cloak and Dagger, in which a bunch of people judged Tandy unfairly, and The Orville, which I swear was based on a Voyager fan fiction in which there were two Janeways, one who was the captain and one who was not. (Okay, that fanfic was based on the TNG double-Riker transporter accident episode, but there was more sex in the fic and The Orville than TNG.) From the C&O Canal last weekend, here are some of the animals we saw (no snakes)!

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Cat Island )

It was a kind of chaotic Wednesday. Paul worked from home because the restoration company our insurance is sending to rebuild the upstairs bedroom closet finally came to make sure the ceiling is dry post-roof repair, but they did not call before arriving as we were told they would, so I didn't get into the shower until they left around noon. Meanwhile, I had lunch plans with Alice, but her son wasn't feeling well, so she took him to get a strep test instead.

Paul and I went for a walk in the park in the afternoon since it was a gorgeous day, though we are worried because Daisy has been out of sorts all day beyond being annoyed about the machines upstairs and is acting like her ear is bothering her, so I need to call the vet tomorrow if this keeps up. She did not finish her own food, let alone try to steal anyone else's, which is very unlike her, and she slept mostly on the floor instead of one of the couches.

After dinner -- lasagna in a bag, a trial run for traveling -- we watched the 2008 remake of The 39 Steps, mostly for the cast, then we watched this week's What We Do in the Shadows, which gets more fun every week. Brookside Gardens currently has an exhibit on plastic trash by artist Keira Hart-Mendoza in collaboration with Margie Jervis, including a plastic Marie Antoinette and a representation of the plastics polluting our rivers and oceans using a Brookside fountain:

Pretty Trash )
Lights Out )

I slept late Tuesday, in part because I was really tired and in part because I had several cats decide I made a good heating blanket when the temperature dropped below 70. So apart from things that had to get done, it was not an eventful day. I did take a long walk because the weather was so nice and we're moving from daffodil and magnolia season into tulip and dogwood season, with azaleas just about to arrive.

[profile] apaulled made Boston food for dinner belatedly for Patriots' Day (baked beans, brown bread, veggie chowder). Afterward we watched this week's episodes of The Flash (we should've known that about Nora before, writers) and Fosse/Verdon (more about her career, less about her love life, writers) around the remainder of this season's The Tick (all pretty awesome). Spring color from Brookside on Sunday:

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Long, long, long day that started at 5 a.m. for me when Daisy stopped smushing me to throw up all over the bedroom floor. I never fell back asleep; eventually I got up, showered, and tried to figure out incomprehensible GPS directions to a parking lot that does not technically exist on Google Maps. Eventually I managed to park, only to walk into the wrong court building and wait in line for security for 15 minutes before being told I had the wrong summons for that building. So I went across the street to the right building along with about 600 other prospective jurors (well, based on the gaps in the numbers being called, maybe only 500) to check in, see the movie explaining jury duty, and hear an explanation (with sign language) of our responsibilities.

Then they called us -- way more than when I last had jury duty 20 years ago -- in groups of about 80, first to pick up our parking validation and stipends, and then for voir dire. After arriving at 8:30, it was nearly noon before they announced that several of that morning's cases had settled and they would only need one more group of jurors. They read out those numbers, then told the rest of us that our service was fulfilled and we were dismissed. So I walked through the flowering courtyard back to my car and was home around 1 -- just in time to boot my computer and see a headline about a fire at Notre Dame in Paris. I turned on the TV just as it became obvious that a huge part of the cathedral was going to be destroyed, and thought I'd probably be less depressed on a jury.

Paul and I were both pretty exhausted by dinnertime after having been awoken by the cat barf and subsequent cleanup, so we decided to order in pizza for dinner with one of the tax day coupons. We watched Legends of Tomorrow's Jane Austen Bollywood episode, which apart from some cultural appropriation was really awesome -- boys kissing, a Bechdel fail acknowledged as such, Avengers jokes, Dashwood jokes, quite good singing for a TV musical number. Then we caught up on Sunday's Billions (postponed for Les Mis; Axe is still such a dick) and watched the flashback The Enemy Within (oh, come on, Erica). I'm wishing for the best for Paris and its people; here are some photos of the inside and outside of Notre Dame from our 2015 trip:

Our Lady of Paris )
I have jury duty on Monday, so I may be rather scarce for a day or several depending on whether they put me on a trial and how long it lasts. So that kind of put a damper on my Sunday more than the forecast rain because of the odds that I'd have to get up early the next morning (and I will, since my number's in the "appear at court" range), though the rain didn't arrive till tonight along with a tornado watch.

Since the weather cooperated, we made a couple of shopping stops, then went to Brookside Gardens, where the spring tulip show is in full bloom and there are still hundreds of daffodils and many redbuds, lenten roses, hyacinths, and the earliest azaleas. We also saw dozens of turtles, both friendly sliders and less friendly snappers, plus a couple of frogs, many songbirds, and (warning in photos below) several snakes.

We picked up veggie burgers at MOM's on the way home, which we had for dinner. Then we had our annual Easter week viewing of Jesus Christ Superstar, which is always awesome and revelatory, followed by the first episode of Les Miserables on PBS (weird opening but great actors) and this week's Madam Secretary (Republicans who are a bigger fantasy than the aliens on The Orville). Now I must sleep!

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I had plans with Cheryl on Saturday that kept changing because of the weather. We were going to go to a farm spring festival near Richmond, but they canceled the event due to expected thunderstorms. So then we were going to go to Hillwood and then to see Shazam!, but the traffic on I-95 was so bad that by the time she got here, we decided it made more sense to go see the bluebells and turtles by the canal, so we did that -- at least the rain didn't arrive here till late!

My parents met us at the movie theater for Shazam!, which is definitely in my top 3 DCU films -- rather dark and a bit slow to start, but then fun and funny once it got moving. I'm not sure I loved it more than Wonder Woman, though it's definitely better written and didn't have the plot holes of Aquaman. After the movie my parents took us out to dinner at Nordstrom's cafe. Then we came home, Cheryl headed back to Virginia, and Paul and I watched some episodes of The Tick.

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