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You! Inez! )

We had gorgeous weather on Sunday, so despite important football games being on our television from early in the morning since the Giants were playing in London, I insisted that we got out and enjoy the fall day. We went to Riley's Lock, where there were turtles in the canal and Girl Scouts giving tours of the historic lockhouse, then we went to Homestead Farm to pick a pumpkin and see the goats and pigs enjoying the autumn. Finally we went to Violette's Lock for another view of the sun on the river.

Toward Poolesville )

After Once Upon a Time, which seems to have Aladdin confused with Indiana Jones, we were going to watch Madam Secretary but CBS's schedule had been thrown off by the Patriots game so we watched Westworld when it aired instead (that's always a dilemma anyway, both shows are great). Then we watched Masters of Sex, which is always good but needs to stop dragging out the Bill-and-Virginia-can't-get-it-together melodrama (those two together was the emotional glue for the rest of the show).
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Driving in Oklahoma )

It was a gorgeous, cool Saturday, so after a morning of chores and catch-up from the stuff that didn't get done while we were away Thursday, we had lunch and went to Brookside Gardens. The trees are more than a week behind where they were last year in terms of fall color, but that's fine with me -- I like my autumn to last past Thanksgiving! The chrysanthemums in the conservatory and gardens were only just starting to bloom, but there were lots of fall flowers, plus turtles and geese.

Brookside Autumn )

We stopped at Roots Market since we were already halfway there and got my favorite vegan steak bites, veggie cheese, and a local brand of butterbeer that's yummy. Then we came home and almost got to see Alice and Jeremy, first because we were going to make dinner plans and then because their car battery died, but they found a jump from someone else and by then they needed to get Avery home. So we had peanut soup and cheese for dinner, followed by a lovely evening watching Maryland beat Michigan State!
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On an Houre-glasse )

Friday started warm and turned progressively cooler, especially as the rain moved through. Paul had to go to the office for a bit, so I finished my review of "Year of Hell, Part II" until he got home for lunch. I had a bunch of other work to do, so it was a quiet afternoon with cats nudging us for attention.

We had dinner with my parents, then came home and watched the superb Hamilton's America on PBS. Now we're catching up on The Graham Norton Show (the one with Sam Neill and Ewan McGregor plus the one with Daniel Radcliffe, Justin Timberlake, and Anna Kendrick). From Nightscape at Longwood Gardens last night:

Night Light )
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Cheryl, Paul, and I spent Thursday in the Brandywine Valley. We started at Winterthur, where we had a picnic in the Enchanted Woods, visited exhibits on Embroidery: The Language of Art, Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia, and the wonderful Lasting Impressions: The Artists of Currier & Ives, and walked through the fall gardens, which had lots of colorful leaves, berries, and autumn crocuses which none of us had ever seen before.

Then we went to Longwood Gardens, where by day we walked through the woods to the meadow, then the harvest display, the model trains, and the conservatory by daylight. We had dinner in the restaurant there while the sun was setting and then walked through most of the gardens again to see Nightscape, the light and sound display both in the conservatory and throughout the grounds. We hit some traffic on the way home due to construction but it was a really gorgeous day!

In the Brandywine Valley )
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Vowels )

Madeline is in Los Angeles for her friend's sister's funeral, having gotten up before dawn to take a shuttle to BWI. So it is quiet around here, though I am still having a busy week because tomorrow we're taking the afternoon and evening to go to gardens in Pennsylvania. My desktop hard drive is almost full -- it wouldn't let me run half my programs this morning -- so I did a lot of file rearranging. It was unseasonably warm, so we went to Great Falls to see the changing leaves and herons:

Autumn by the River )

We stopped at the Bethesda Co-op on the way home to get wine and noodles so we could have Thai food for dinner. We watched this week's Blindspot, which the network said would be less violent this season since it's on earlier but it's been quite violent so far, and then we caught up on Versailles because if I'm going to look at a selfish, vicious, womanizing tyrant with delusions of godhood on my television, it's not going to be in a presidential debate. We caught the end of the Cubs win!
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In Memory of My Mother )

Paul had to go into the office on Tuesday because they're moving the cubicles around, something that's become fairly uncommon now that most of his division is overseas so nearly everyone works from home. So I had the house to myself and could listen to last night's Broadway concert for Hillary Clinton while I worked. Maddy went to school to try to arrange her interrupted schedule, but she may have to miss three weeks and join a new group when she gets back from California.

Tuesday was the anniversary of Molly's death and Maddy wanted to get a tattoo in honor of her, so after school she went to Kensington and got a triquetra inked above her wrist. She leaves for L.A. very early Wednesday. We had honey mustard chicken for dinner and took her to CVS for travel essentials around watching The Flash and Agents of SHIELD, which I'm quite enjoying this season because of Draco Malfoy and Ghost Rider respectively. Maryland Renaissance falconry:

Raptors at the Renfaire )
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Big Bend National Park Says No to All Walls )

Monday was all about chores -- getting Maddy to school (they are letting her take a two-week leave of absence), stopping at AC Moore for a box for the hat I got at the Renfaire yesterday that I'm getting for my birthday, going to the food store, folding a massive amount of laundry while catching up on Sunday's Westworld and Madam Secretary.

We took Maddy to the mall after school so she could look for a dress for the funeral and stopped at CVS with her; eventually we all had ravioli for National Pasta Day and watched Supergirl, which had some good stuff but the cast changes make me very sad. Timeless was okay this week but needs more women not famous because of famous men. From the Renfaire:

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Fame Is a Fickle Food )

I had a very up and down Sunday. Much of it was spent at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, our last visit for the season, where we had spectacular weather and despite enormous crowds got to see everything we wanted in decent seats, though the lunch lines were extremely long and the friends we'd hoped to meet there all ended up having family obligations that kept them away.

During the late afternoon falconry show, though, we got a phone call from Maddy at work. Her best friend's older sister died earlier in the day and she was already frantically making plans to fly to California for the funeral, causing a huge disruption in her new work and school schedule on top of how upset she is feeling for her friend (the anniversary of her mom's death is this week, too).

The rest of the afternoon and evening involved a lot of running around, getting Maddy from work, throwing together dinner, and half-watching Once Upon a Time and Masters of Sex while taking out trash, feeding cats, doing laundry, etc. Maddy is flying out very early Wednesday so it is going to be a crazy couple of days here. Some photos from the Renfaire earlier in the day:

Around the Renaissance )
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Pennsylvania )

Great but very full Saturday: Drove to Hanover with Paul, went out to lunch with his parents, then spent the afternoon with them and their friends the Urbans from Connecticut who came to visit them for a couple of days. (Did not expend much time or energy keeping up with the horrible Maryland-Minnesota game.)

Drove back toward Gaithersburg, had CPK with Kay and her family for her birthday, went back to her house for cake and ice cream. Got home, went to get gas and Maddy. Watched the Cubs hit a grand slam, now watching the mock debate on SNL which is so much more enjoyable than the real one. In pics:

Celebrations )
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The Bear )

After getting Maddy to school, I spent the rest of the morning working on a review of Voyager's "Year of Hell" and enjoying the gorgeous weather. It was thus an uneventful day until afternoon, when on the way to pick her up we stopped at Petco for kitty litter and Michael's next door for their big fall sale.

Maddy decided to make caramel apples for dessert, though the caramel didn't stick to the apples very well (still tasted good which is all I care about but she likes them to look pretty). We watched the Blindspot we missed earlier in the week, plus some Bones. From the National Zoo on Thursday:

Panda Family )
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The Oak )

I have had a really good but really full Thursday and I am now behind on absolutely everything! After a morning of getting work done and getting Madeline to school, I went downtown with Paul, who had half a day off, to the National Zoo to meet Annmarie and see the animals. The curators were setting up for Boo at the Zoo in a couple of weeks around Halloween, so we also got to see some of the decorations. Three of the four pandas were very active, as were the elephants, the sea lions, the orangutan with new baby, and most of the small mammals.

October Zoo )

We ate lunch at the zoo and dropped Annmarie off at the Metro before heading out of the city to pick up Maddy from school and drive to College Park to meet Adam for dinner and bring him some paperwork. We went to the excellent Indian restaurant Rasoi on Baltimore Avenue and shared vegetarian dishes. Then we drove home, dropped Maddy off at the mall so she could go to the movies with friends -- it was her only night off work this week -- and came home for this nail-biter of a Nationals-Dodgers game which has had many ups and downs and still has a lot of time left!
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fern scent )

Wednesday was Yom Kippur, which I observed in spirit instead of in synagogue (and without fasting, since I had to drive Maddy to school before 9 a.m. and I get headachy and shaky on an empty stomach). I did go with Paul and my parents to their friend Ruth's house to break the fast along with the Goldmans and other friends, many of whom I haven't seen in months though I see most of them on Facebook, so that was truly delightful even though we discussed the two forbidden topics, politics and baseball vs. football.

It was otherwise an uneventful day during which I got neither enough work nor enough chores done, though I did take a walk to enjoy the weather. Just about every part of my body made me sorry that I ate Taco Bell yesterday, so I will not be gaining any more weight from that, at least! We got home in time for Designated Survivor, whose characters I like but I wish they'd move a little more quickly on the who and why -- in the real world I'd expect lots of hysteria and rioting by now. From Great Falls this month:

Canal Bird )
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My Doubt )

I have nothing exciting to report about Tuesday except that the weather was gorgeous and I did a lot of running around so I got to enjoy it! It was chilly in the morning and we had sleepy cats all over us. I had a bunch of work to do and spent more than an hour hunting for a piece of jewelry I lost in my own bedroom. In the afternoon we went to pick up Maddy, who wanted to stop with a friend at Taco Bell before being dropped off at work, so we got some of their fiesta potatoes which was a mistake as now I'm going to want those again sometime.

We watched nearly all of the Nationals game, which had extreme highs and lows (the biggest low being the ending). We flipped back and forth to The Flash, whose highlight for me was the Dawson's Creek reference, then we caught up on Timeless, which is decently acted but needs to explain itself or the serial temporal incursions start to seem preposterous, and saw this week's Agents of SHIELD (we missed 15 minutes picking up Maddy but I don't think that's why it felt broadly written and not emotionally engaging). DC last week:

Around the Monuments )
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from It's Time )

Monday was mostly chores and work for me. I did a bunch of household stuff and I watched both parts of Voyager's "The Year of Hell" because I need to review it (I must admit it's still compulsively watchable, but after "Endgame" it's also really disturbing to note that Janeway becomes Annorax in the finale). The weather was gorgeous, so I also took a long walk in the woods.

Maddy was supposed to have the day off after classes, but was called in because of unexpected Columbus Day crowds, so we took her there after picking her up from school. We watched most of the glorious Nationals-Dodgers game, though we took a break for the season premiere of Supergirl with the new cast member I somehow didn't know was joining the show! From Carkeek Park in Seattle:

Beachside Park )
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From 'K√©ramos' )

We spent the bulk of Sunday visiting Paul's parents in Hanover after dropping Maddy off early for a long work day at the mall. It was a low-key visit; we had sandwiches for lunch, and spent most of our time Skyping with relatives and going over email (with a brief trip to get AAA batteries for their computer mouse). They're feeling well, though my father-in-law is frustrated at the slow speed of speech therapy and would like to get out more.

I didn't have the stomach to watch the debate, so instead we watched cable TV this evening: the second episode of Westworld, which makes me squeamish but is still very well acted and written, and wherever we are in this season's Masters of Sex, which has been awesome. From the Countryside Artisans tour, glass at Art of Fire, animals at Something Earthy, and a sheep at Dancing Leaf Farm:

Countryside Artisans )
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Ode to Thought )

We had drizzle nearly all of Saturday but no hurricane, so it was pretty good weather. I had chores to do early on, which I did while watching the Terps lose to Penn State, which was not nice at all. Maddy had to work a lot of the day, so after dropping her off, we went on the fall Countryside Artisans Tour. We started at Something Earthy Studio, which has pottery and jewelry inside and goats, a donkey, and chickens outside, then went to Art of Fire, where there was a glassblowing class and a cat we hadn't yet met. We ended up at Dancing Leaf Farm which sadly only has one sheep at the moment but has lots of gorgeous yarn and fiber crafts!

Three Studios )

We stopped at Giant on the way home, though we had leftovers for dinner. We were going to watch a movie, but Adam asked me to proofread an application for him, so I ran late and instead we ended up watching the first two episodes of Versailles, which makes The Tudors look sober and historically accurate. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of fun watching the actors earnestly emote the over-the-top stuff, but really, Philippe was such a colorful character and Louis XIV was larger than life to begin with, so I'm not sure why they decided to focus on the things they did and risk an audience assuming some of what's fact might be made up for television.
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Glass )

It was an overcast but lovely Friday in the DC area, where we are thankfully hurricane-free and forecast to remain so through the weekend. I hope everyone to the south is staying safe! The pictures from Haiti and Cuba are so upsetting. I took Maddy to school, talked to her father on the phone for a while, then spent the rest of the morning finishing a review of Voyager's "Scientific Method", another episode that hasn't improved with age. There were toads and deer as well as bunnies, squirrels, and chipmunks out enjoying the neighborhood.

After we picked up Maddy, we had an early dinner with my parents while watching the Nationals game, which was quite enjoyable until it became apparent that they weren't going to beat the Dodgers. We also caught up on Masters of Sex during the day and saw the first episode of Conviction, whose actors tried very hard, but parts of the script were just terribly written though I appreciate that its women interact far more substantively than those on other new shows we've watched this season. From Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle:

Poems in Glass )
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Sunday Mornings )

Thursday mostly involved work and chores, driving Madeline back and forth, enjoying the gorgeous not-too-warm weather around the neighborhood, and snuggling with cats who are unimpressed with impending autumn. Here are some photos from Into the Deep at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, an exhibit exploring marine life using glass as a medium:

Into the Deep )

Around baseball postseason games, we also watched the first three episodes of Designated Survivor, which had come highly recommended. After a couple of seasons of 24, I'm a Kiefer Sutherland agnostic, but I watched Nikita through to the last season, so having Maggie Q and Virginia Madsen unraveling and creating conspiracies respectively makes me very happy.
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Song For A Lady )

After a month's postponement due to enrollment issues, Maddy finally started cosmetology school on Wednesday. It was a chaotic day for her because she was determined to go to one of the coffee shops being transformed to celebrate the Gilmore Girls revival, so she got a friend from work to drive her to Silver Spring at 6 a.m. to a "Luke's Diner" pop-up, got her Netflix swag, and came home in time to be driven to class.

Most of my day not spent driving her to and from school and the mall where she had to pick things up involved work and laundry that is not yet folded, though I took two walks to enjoy the spectacular temperatures. We watched the pilot of Westworld, which is appropriately violent and Ed Harris is scary as crap and therefore superb. We also watched the Mets blow it to the Giants. From Constellation Park in Seattle:

Constellation Beach )
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Sonnet 145 )

I'm writing this while watching the Orioles and Blue Jays in extra innings so I will be brief. It wasn't that exciting a day anyway; I did work and laundry and took Madeline to the Hot Topic in Gaithersburg so she could look at Halloween costumes (I behaved very well and did not buy the TARDIS dress or the Pokemon dress). She had a late afternoon appointment, so I dropped her off and came home to retrieve Paul.

Then we went back to get Maddy and all went to California Tortilla for National Taco Day. We did not watch one moment of the VP debate, though I understand that the RNC web site had declared Pence the clear winner an hour before it started, but keep talking about how Clinton's the crooked one. Here are some more photos from the Folger Library's Will & Jane: Shakespeare, Austen, and the Cult of Celebrity:

Will and Jane )


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