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Ghost Eden )

Another quickie because we got home late again! Paul and I spent Sunday in Richmond, where we met Cheryl at Maymont and walked through the gardens and regional zoo. It was very hot but there were lots of flowers and animals! Then we met Lin at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, which has its annual butterfly exhibit in the conservatory and giant Lego sculptures around the gardens.

Maymont and Lewis Ginter )

We were going to go to Mexico Restaurant for dinner but it was closed. Instead we went to Thai Flavor next door, which was really good -- they make vegetarian curries without fish sauce, so Paul and I split red and yellow curries and swapped some of Cheryl's ginger tofu. Then we drove home in moderate traffic and picked up Maddy, who had had her first evening of training at the movie theater!
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Blue )

I got home quite late, so here is our day in photos!

DC and Arlington )

Now we're home, somewhat overheated and very tired! More tomorrow!
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Incised Moon )

It was quite warm on Friday, which was fine because I had a lot of work to get done at home. I posted a review of Voyager's "The Gift", worked on an article, folded laundry, and talked tax paperwork with Madeline, who had pizza for lunch with us. Someday I'll have all my vacation laundry put away!

We had dinner plus excellent Seasons 52 desserts with my parents, watched a bit of pre-season football, then put on some more seventh season Bones (the baby in a manger episode and the extreme couponing episode). Pics from our visit to the Seaside Country Store in Fenwick Island last week:

Shore Gifts )
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Landscape with Happily Ever After )

I had a lot of work to get done on Thursday, but I got two major long-distance phone calls that were awesome because I got to catch up with people, and now I'm not quite caught up with work but it's all good! Maddy was offered the job at ArcLight Cinemas for which she interviewed the day before last, which is great news -- in addition to it being a good job, with nice benefits and hours that will work better than retail since she'll also be taking classes soon, she'll be around people closer to her own age now that son and his friends are mostly away at college.

It wasn't as hot as it's been earlier in August, but it was very humid and sticky out late in the afternoon. I walked long enough to see some bunnies but not long enough to catch any exciting Pokemon (I mean, there was a big Spearow, but I need a couple more Slowpokes and a Rhyhorn to evolve, plus it would be awesome to find a Charmeleon and where have all the Digletts gone?). Right now there is apparently a moth inside the house, because the kittens are going crazy looking, but I don't see it anywhere. We also watched some Bones. At Coastal Kayak in Delaware:

On Little Assawoman Bay )
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Ode to Country Music )

Adam has been successfully moved to College Park to begin his junior year of college, though it's going to take him five years to finish because he switched from finance to engineering so maybe I should just tell people his sophomore year to avoid confusion. He's living in the same complex where Daniel lived his junior and senior years, meaning there's a swimming pool, sand volleyball court, gym, print center, and he and his roommate share a big kitchen, washer/dryer, living/dining room, plus they each have their own bathrooms. It's like he's living in a very nice residential hotel.

In College Park )

Our other big event for Wednesday was taking Madeline to prepare for the job interview she had this evening, meaning she needed to have her nose ring replaced by a retainer, since piercings are against company policy, plus she needed to get new shoelaces and dress up for the interview, which was in the mall so went with her to get Starbucks first. She won't know whether she got the job for a couple of days but they kept her until the last round of a big group, which has to be good news! We've spent the evening watching the Orioles beat the Nationals, and now we're watching some seventh season Bones.
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Shipwreck )

Adam went to College Park for more lab training on Tuesday morning, so I took Madeline shopping at the mall for clothes to wear for job interviews. She wasn't entirely satisfied with what she found, but eventually we came home for lunch because we were ravenous. Then Adam and Christine arrived and we all hung out for a while and watched videos.

We had dinner with my parents since we're moving Adam into an apartment in College Park on Wednesday, stopping so Madeline can get her nose piercing replaced by an invisible retainer before her interview in the evening. The evening has been about packing and laundry! Photos from the Discover Sea Shipwreck Museum at Sea Shell City in Fenwick Island:

Shipwrecks and Shells )
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Night Golf )

Monday was pretty quiet around here. Adam went to College Park to do more training for his job, Madeline did research for the job interview she has on Wednesday, I tried to catch up on work and correspondence that I missed while we were out of town last week. Adam got home a bit after lunch and we all hung out for a while watching funny videos.

Paul was going to make pizza, but discovered that we didn't have enough flour, so instead we had veggie crab cakes and then we all watched American Ultra, which was like a super-violent mash-up of La Femme Nikita and The Man With One Red Shoe. Here are some family photos from Viking Golf in Fenwick Island last week:

Norse Gods )
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Blue Vase )

Since Daniel was flying back to Seattle on Sunday afternoon, we had brunch on Sunday morning with my parents before driving him to the airport -- Paul made Belgian waffles and eggs. Then we took Daniel to Dulles, said our farewells, and did some shopping, including taking Adam's bike for a check-up, picking up food and drugstore necessities, and getting Starbucks. We got home in time for the end of the US men's Olympic gold medal basketball game and medal ceremony.

Then we watched The Man Who Knew Infinity, which is wonderful -- I was afraid I wouldn't understand the math, but the filmmakers were smart enough to realize that nobody would and kept it to a minimum, plus it has a fantastic cast (Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons, Toby Jones, Jeremy Northam). We watched some of the Olympics closing ceremonies, but it turned out neither Adam nor Maddy had seen Now You See Me 2, which is now On Demand, so we decided to put that on. From the Salisbury Zoo on Friday:

Regional Zoo )
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Sorry, another quickie -- we are playing Machi Koro after having chocolate fondue for dessert, following most of the day in Hanover where we went out for Chinese buffet with Paul's parents and watched a bunch of Olympic events including the men's soccer, various track and field events, platform diving, and the dodge-and-evade sport being performed by Ryan Lochte.

Here are a few family pics including one cat being schnoogled (and cooperating in hope of treats for her troubles). Daniel is flying back to Seattle on Sunday and Adam goes back to College Park for the semester on Wednesday, plus Maddy has job interviews, so I am spending time with them while I can and will be around online more late next week!

Hanover and Home )
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Home, exhausted after getting up before 6 a.m. to see the sun rise over the Atlantic with Paul, both kids, Madeline, and Christine. When we left the hotel after washing off the sand, we went to Nicola's in Rehoboth Beach to bring home dinner for my parents and to get Thrasher's french fries for us, then we drove to the Salisbury Zoo, where we had a picnic lunch and went to see the animals.

Traffic wasn't terrible over the Bay Bridge but we didn't get home till nearly dinnertime, when we met up with my parents, who were also just back after visiting Nicole's family. We ate the Nic-o-bolis and tomatoes from Nicole's garden, came home to watch Usain Bolt and the women's 4x100, and played some more Machi Koro with the harbor expansion. Here are just a couple of photos (sunrise, capibara, family):

Beach V )
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Thursday at the seashore: Morning at the beach, lunch at Crepes and Crazes, early afternoon at Coastal Kayak, mid-afternoon at Sea Shell City, late afternoon at Viking Golf and Kohr Bros, early evening walk on the beach, dinner in hotel, late evening watching Olympics and playing Machi Koro. Getting up very early Friday to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic, will be home by night!

Beach IV )
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Wednesday involved a morning at the beach, a picnic lunch and sightseeing at Assateague State Park and National Seashore with Christine, a bit of shopping in Ocean City, dinner with Christine's family at their beach house in Delaware, and Daniel teaching us how to play Splendor. A few photos, again more to come!

Beach III )
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A beach vacation day in a few photos with more to come when I have time to fiddle with pictures!

Beach II )
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Kitchen Maid with Supper at Emmaus, or The Mulata )

Our plan for Sunday was to go to the county fair, but a forecast of over 100 degree temperatures made us all decide we didn't want to see the animals that badly and Adam's friends didn't want to go till evening anyway. So instead we got up early to get our air conditioning fixed (6 a.m. and well worth it), took Daniel along with everyone else to California Tortilla for lunch since those don't exist on the west coast, and did some pre-beach trip shopping.

We had dinner at my parents' house, where my mother decided that what we really needed was an August snowball fight and produced some out of her freezer that she made in January. We had a big dinner and watched some of the Olympic men's tennis final, women's volleyball, the gymnastics apparatus competition, Usain Bolt's 100 meters, and the beach volleyball quarterfinals. Now we're packing, doing laundry, and getting things organized for the beach!

Sunday )
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Windrowing )

I have a full house! Where unfortunately the air conditioning is not working, a situation that hopefully (BETTER) be remedied at 7 a.m. tomorrow which is the only time the guy could come, but I'll happily take it! We spent most of Saturday in Hanover visiting Paul's parents with Adam and Maddy, where after lunch we spent more than an hour Skyping with David and Maria, Jon and Brooke, and the family members at home -- practically a family reunion.

We came home in the late afternoon, did some chores, had dinner, and went to pick up Daniel from the airport. He was ravenous when he arrived, not having eaten for eight hours, so we stopped at Giant to get him some food and the rest of us some ice cream, getting home just in time to watch Michael Phelps' last race. Now we're watching some more Olympics and the cats are sniffing everything he brought from Seattle that smells new and interesting to them!

Saturday )
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August 12 in the Nebraska Sand Hills Watching the Perseids Meteor Shower )

I spent Friday morning working, but I got to have a fun, nostalgic early afternoon -- Maddy's mom's friend Alice took her to get a manicure and I took Alice's son Avery to lunch at the mall, where he ate McDonalds (current Happy Meal toys are imitation fitbit pedometers, which pleased him), caught Pokemon, and taught me how gym battles work. I had to take the van for work that really needed to get done that afternoon, and Adam had the car in College Park, so Avery gamely came to the Toyota dealership and walked back with me to the mall in high heat, catching Eevees all the way. It's just what Daniel would have done when he was that age.

We hung out at home for a while watching the Olympics (mostly soccer and track & field) while Adam and Christine (who rescued us by picking us up from the mall) plus another friend all ate lunch and hung out with Maddy, then the latter went ice skating with our next door neighbor's daughter, the friend went to babysit her brothers, Alice and Avery went home after the latter chased the cats everywhere, and the rest of us went to my parents' house for dinner. I posted my review of Voyager's "Scorpion, Part II" and we spent the late evening watching more swimming as well as Tara and Johnny covering Carnival. From The Science of Pixar at the Franklin Institute:

Pixar )
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Victory )

Maddy went with Adam to College Park on Thursday morning -- Adam for work, Maddy to get her nose pierced. I spent the morning working on a Voyager review and watching the awful aftermath of a fire in Silver Spring last night that destroyed an apartment complex when we weren't trying to make the Olympics livestream on the Kindle work on the TV. Adam had a late lunch with my mother while the rest of us watched gymnastics.

We had a very nice evening -- we went out to dinner with Kay, Chris, and their sons at the California Pizza Kitchen by Washingtonian Lake, then we walked partway around the lake to Target so Maddy could get supplies for her piercing. We came home and watched an awesome night of swimming coverage, plus the gymnastics again because those floor routines! Penguins from the Adventure Aquarium in Camden:

Philly Penguins )
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Me Imperturbe )

Wednesday was warm and muggy, though not painfully so. I had no vehicle all morning because Paul had an eye doctor appointment and Adam needed to go to College Park for training for his lab job, so I worked on my review and got the laundry folded until he got home with a 3D caterpillar he designed.

We watched Olympic basketball and swimming in and around chores, Maddy went to visit the people for whom she house-sat to get paid, then she and Adam baked chocolate chip cookies together (I contributed by making sure the chocolate wasn't poisoned and the cookies were cooked). From historic Philadelphia last weekend:

Streets of Philadelphia )
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Swimming )

My Tuesday was not much more eventful than my Monday -- work, chores, Olympics. It was Maddy's last day feeding our friends' cats and housesitting for them; she had plans with a friend afterward, but the friend wasn't feeling well, so she came back here. Adam was in College Park with Christine for most of the day in preparation for the job in the 3D printing lab he'll have during the school year as well as a T.A. position.

NBC has continued to suck so much that I'm watching the end of the women's gymnastics team competition as I type this approaching midnight, but at least we got to see most of the swimming live. We had enchilada casserole for dinner because Maddy told Paul that she loves enchiladas, and he used Beyond Meat, which her father helped invent. Some more photos from the Adventure Aquarium in Camden:

Under the Sea )
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My Daughter at the Gymnastics Party )

My Monday was a Monday, meaning laundry got done, work got started, chores got dealt with, and not a lot that was exciting happened except on TV where we had the Olympics on most of the day (go look up "NBC Olympics" pretty much anywhere if you want my opinion of the coverage itself). Apart from taking Maddy to and from the home where she's house- and cat-sitting, I didn't get out much.

Christine came over to see Adam in the evening, where after dinner we all watched some water polo, a lot of swimming, some volleyball -- indoor and beach -- and not nearly enough men's gymnastics (we already knew the result and were betting that if NBC were not Team USA-obsessed, we'd have seen a lot more at a decent hour). Some photos from the Adventure Aquarium in Camden yesterday:

At the Aquarium )


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